Average Middle-Class Income Canada 2024: Province Wise Income News

In Canada, the average annual salary for skilled workers is between $54,600 to $105,000. Depending upon their key skills, job type, and experiences it varies. Average yearly income decides whether the person comes under the Middle-Class Salary in Canada. Compared to last year, most Canadians are earning more this year, which is almost $1,211 per week. There is a hike of about 4% in their salary. With the help of the average income of the citizens living in Canada, we can get an insight into how much a middle-class person is earning and about their financial situation. In this article, we discussed the Average Middle-Class Income in Canada in 2024, the province-wise Average Income, high-paying jobs in Canada, and more.

Average Middle-Class Income Canada

Average Middle-Class Income Canada 2024

Many people move to Canada for better career chances and an improved standard of living which leads to a stable life. The Canadian economy is one of the major economies in the world. If you are planning to habituate in Canada, it’s important to get an idea of the average income that you can make. A full-time worker can earn around CAD 63,013 per year on average and CAD 1,211 per week. The Average Middle-Class Income in Canada varies from $53,359 to $106,717. Which is more than they earned last year. Canada offers a lot of career opportunities for individuals in many fields with attractive pay scales. It’s better to have good financial planning and budgeting in advance so that you can manage everything effectively.

As per the reports by the Labour Force Survey (LFS), the average hourly wages have been increased to $34.94 which is an increase of about 5.1%. Also, there are different income classes in Canada. Based on their Annual Income in Canada they are categorized in that particular class. Let’s take a look at that:

  • Lower Class: Those individuals come under this class who have an income less than $53,359.
  • Middle Class: Individuals having income between $53,359 to $106,717 are considered middle class.
  • Upper Middle Class: Individuals having income between $106,717 – $235,675.
  • Upper Class: Those Individuals who have an income of more than $235,675 come under the Upper Class.

The income amount mentioned above is before tax. After-tax, the income amount may vary. Different income categories have different tax rates.

Canadians Average Middle-Class Income- Overview

Name of the ArticleAverage Middle-Class Income Canada 2024
Country NameCanada
CategoryFinancial Aid
National Average PayCAD 57,600
Highest Income province-wiseSaskatchewan and Nunavut

Province Wise Average Income

With the help of the table below you can get to know about the Province Wise Average Income yearly 2023 and minimum wage rate on an hourly basis. Among all these provinces, Saskatchewan has the highest average income for individuals of CAD 88,424 and Northwest Territories has the highest average middle-class Income of CAD 127,000. Through this, you can get an idea of the Average Income in Canada that a middle-class household or individuals can expect. Every province has a different average income. It happens mainly because of the high cost of living or location also plays a vital role in that.

ProvinceMinimum Wage Rate on an hourly basisAverage Income for Individuals in 2023Average Middle-Class Income (Household) 2023
YukonCAD 16.77CAD 62,500CAD 86,300
SaskatchewanCAD 14.25CAD 88,424CAD 67,700
AlbertaCAD 15CAD 74,237CAD 77,700
ManitobaCAD 15.25CAD 58,500CAD 63,000
British ColumbiaCAD 16.50CAD 66,232CAD 67,500
QuebecCAD 15.25CAD 57,506CAD 59,700
Prince Edward IslandCAD 15.00CAD 46,160CAD 59,400
NunavutCAD 16.00CAD 74,900CAD 118,000
OntarioCAD 16.50CAD 63,369CAD 70,100
Northwest TerritoriesCAD 16.00CAD 77,900CAD 127,000
New BrunswickCAD 14.50CAD 57,336CAD 56,900
Newfoundland and LabradorCAD 15.00CAD 52,562CAD 59,300
Nova ScotiaCAD 15.00CAD 56,550CAD 57,500

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2024

Energy and natural resources, finance & insurance, Scientific and technical services sectors offer the highest-paying jobs in Canada. Based on that the person can get a job in these sectors. Employees are likely to get an annual increase of about 9%. The increment Depends on their contribution to the organization and on their performance. Below stated are some of the Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for 2024:

Sectors NameAnnual pay
Mining, oil and gas extraction  CAD 113,506
UtilitiesCAD 101,531.04
Finance and InsuranceCAD 76,483
Professional, Scientific, and Technical ServicesCAD 76,077.56
Public AdministrationCAD 75,799.88
Information and Cultural IndustriesCAD 81,068
Management of companies and enterprisesCAD 80,149

Rapidly Growing Industries in Canada 2024

We have already discussed the highest-paying jobs in Canada. The Rapidly Growing Industries in Canada 2024 would lead to more opportunities and raises. After knowing the most growing sector in 2024, job seekers can search for career growth in these respective sectors as these are booming in Canada. Some of them are listed below:

  • Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
  • Real Estate
  • Administrative and Support
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Public Administration
  • Health Care and Social Assistance
  • Retail
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services

Frequently Asked Questions-

What’s the average annual salary for skilled workers in Canada?

Skilled workers in Canada’s average annual salary lies between $54,600 to $105,000.

Which province has the highest average income for households in Canada?

Northwest Territories in Canada has the highest average income for households.

Which jobs pay the highest in Canada?

Mining, oil and gas extraction, Utilities, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Finance and Insurance, and Management of companies and enterprises are some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada.

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