$1179 OAS Monthly Payment For Seniors 2024: Payment Dates, Know your Eligibility

In this article, you can learn about the $1179 OAS Monthly Payment for Seniors, its payment dates, and eligibility. The Canadian Government has launched Old Age Security pensions for seniors who are aged above 65 to support them financially after their retirement. These pension payments are given monthly to them. To receive it the individual needs to qualify for the required eligibility criteria such as residency status, age criteria, etc. Only then they will receive these Old Age Pension Amounts. As per the updates by the federal government, there are no such declarations on the official dates of $1179 OAS payments for the seniors.

$1179 OAS Monthly Payment For Seniors 2024

$1179 OAS Monthly Payment For Seniors 2024

OAS is a vital income source for many Canadians. It is given every month to eligible seniors in Canada by CRA. Once the seniors turn 65 years they will become eligible for these payments. If there are not enough details of the citizen, then they might have to make a request to the government for the same. OAS Pension Payment Dates mostly come at the end of every month. The beneficiaries can expect the payments between the 25th and 29th of each month in 2024. In case of any holiday, they will get the OAS Payment Amount 2024 on the working day before the holiday. The Seniors who have opted for direct deposit will get the payment on the specific date but those who receive paper cheques need to wait for a few business days. As the delivery by mail takes a bit longer time than the direct deposit.

Canadian Seniors have been waiting for a long time for this upcoming OAS $1179 Monthly Payment in 2024. Hence, the authorities have not announced the official dates yet. This $1179 Payment Amount would help a lot of Senior citizens in many ways as it will give them financial relief. With the help of this, they would be able to pay for their necessities which are important for their day-to-day life.

OAS $1179 Monthly Payment Seniors- Overview

Name of the Post$1179 OAS Monthly Payment Seniors
Department NameCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
BeneficiarySenior citizens aged above 65
Payment DateNot Announced Yet
CategoryFinancial Aid
Payment AmountCAD 1179
Official Websitecanada.ca

What Are OAS Payments?

Old Age Security Payments are given by the Canada Revenue Agency, a governed authority of Canada to the eligible citizens of the country. Once the individuals turn the age of 65 and fulfil the necessary criteria related to income and residency requirements only then they will receive the OAS payments. Old Age Security Pension Program includes 3 other benefits:

  • Allowance for the Survivor
  • Allowance
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

The above benefits payment amounts are not measured as taxable income. Every year in July these benefit amounts are re-calculated. These are calculated based on your previous calendar year’s net income. Changes in your yearly net income result in the increase or decrease of the payment. It may even stop if your annual income increases.  

CAD 1179 OAS Monthly Payment Eligibility

To qualify for the CAD 1179 OAS Monthly Payment, the individual needs to meet the below-stated eligibility requirements. You will be capable of the payment if you meet all these criteria. Also, the individual must be receiving the monthly OAS payments then only he/she would be eligible for a $1179 OAS Monthly Payment.  

  • To receive the $1179 OAS Monthly Payment Seniors must be a permanent resident of the country i.e. you hold a nationality.
  • He/she must age almost 65 to become eligible.
  • The individual’s income should be below certain income criteria specified by the Canada Revenue Agency. If it exceeds then it will be considered a recovery tax.
  • The recipient must reside in Canada for ten years after they turned the age of eighteen.

OAS $1179 Monthly Payment Dates 2024

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) might release the OAS Monthly Payment of $1179 for Seniors 2024 soon. This benefit would be given to only those seniors who qualify for the above-mentioned criteria. It gives financial stability to the citizens. Through this, they can pay for their necessities. As the inflation rate has risen a lot, it becomes reasonable for the government to increase the benefit amount. However, CRA hasn’t made any validation on the program yet. If there is any confirmation on it, the beneficiary will get notified and will receive the $1179 OAS Payment Amount either in their bank account or via cheque whichever they have opted for while applying for it.

How to Apply for $1179 OAS Payment 2024?

The individuals who are already receiving the OAS Benefits do not need to apply for $1179 OAS Payments in 2024 separately if they meet certain eligibility criteria. Those who want to smear for the same need to follow the below-detailed process:

  • Visit Canada.ca official website of the Canadian government. Then go to the “My Login” section.
  • Go to the “Benefits and Credit” section, you can apply for OAS there.
  • After reading the instructions apply for it by filling out the details carefully.
  • You will receive an approval message from CRA after submitting.

FAQs For $1179 OAS Monthly Payment For Seniors 2024

When will the recipient receive the $1179 OAS Monthly Payment 2024?

There are no such updates by the Canadian government as of now. Once it becomes official the recipient would get the payment.

What are the suitability norms for the OAS $1179 Monthly Payment?

The Recipient needs to be at least aged 65. And should qualify for the specific income and residency criteria mentioned above in the article.

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