Canada Workers Benefit Payment Dates 2024 – CWB Eligibility & All You need to know!

Canada Workers Benefit 2024 will be provided to the individuals and households of Canada who are getting low income. The Federal Government launched the Canada Workers Benefit on 28th July 2023 to make the citizen’s life affordable. It is a refundable tax credit that is given to the low salaried workers on a quarter basis. This program would help a lot of people and citizens who are not able to make sufficient money to cover their essential expenses. If you are applying for the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) Payment 2024 then you can read the article below to learn the CWB eligibility 2024 and its payment dates.

Canada Workers Benefit Payment Dates 2024

The Canadian workers who are getting low-paid are going to get benefits out of the Canada Workers Benefit 2024 Payment. These amounts are given 3 times in a year. The first payment of this year was already made on 12 January 2024. Soon the second and third payments would be distributed to eligible individuals in Canada.

The CWB consists of two parts i.e. disability supplement & basic amount. Under this, they provide financial support to the disabled candidates. People who are suffering from disability find it difficult to earn enough money that help them meet their necessities. Because of these types of situations, the government has provided Disability supplement which gives them financial support. The Government of Canada has set some disability measures, and depending on that the person would be liable for the payment.

Canada Workers Benefit 2024- Overview

Post TitleCanada Workers Benefit 2024
DepartmentCanada Revenue Agency (CRA)
BeneficiariesLow-pay income and disabled individuals
Payment Date12th July 2024, 12th October 2024, 12th January 2025
Mode of PaymentOnline
CategoryFinancial Aid

Canada Workers Benefits- Eligibility Criteria

If you want to receive the Canada Workers Benefits (CWB) for 2024, you must meet the following eligibility criteria to access the benefit:

  • The candidate should be a permanent Canadian inhabitant. And must have the legal proof for the same.
  • The beneficiary must age a minimum of 19 years old by 31st December of the filing year.
  • In the tax year, the applicant must have at least one source of income. It could be employed somewhere or self-employed.
  • In past years if you have spent a minimum of 90 days behind the bar, then you are not eligible for the payment.
  • The applicant has to make less money than the annual income set by the authority.

Payment Schedule for CWB 2024

The Canada Workers Benefit Payment 2024 will be shared in three quarters as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The Canadians who already got the Canada Workers Benefit in 2022 does not need to apply separately for this benefit. As they are automatically eligible for it. Generally, the payments quarter for CWB is July, October, and January. The Canadians can expect their payment during those periods of the year.

When the payment date falls on Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday then the payment is usually done on the working day before the issuance date. It is suggested to wait for a minimum of 10 working days before contacting the CRA if you haven’t received the payment.

Canada Benefit Payment 2024 payment schedule for 2024-2025 is mentioned below:

112th July 2024
212th October 2024
312th January 2025

The Process to Claim the Canada Workers Benefit 2024

Through permitted tax software the beneficiary can apply for Canada Workers Benefit Payments 2024. They can check the official portal of the Canada Revenue Agency to know the stated guidelines. Otherwise, they can fill out the application form on paper and then submit it with an income tax return after completing Schedule 6, CWB 2024. If any claimant or claimant’s spouse is eligible for the DTC, to receive the disability supplement payment they must claim the disability supplement and base credit both. Also, if both of them are eligible for the Canada Workers Benefit payment then only one of them can claim the minimum amount, and Schedule 6 forms have to be submitted separately for that.

How to Claim Canada Workers Benefit?

Below are the mentioned steps to apply for the CWB Payment 2024:

  • First, visit the official portal of the CRA i.e. on the
  • Then go to the website’s homepage there you have to navigate to the sign-in tab.
  • To receive the username & key you have to fill in the mandatory info.
  • After receiving the required credentials, you need to submit the required documents.
  • For further process just click on the “apply” tab.

After submitting the form, the government will verify the details. You don’t need to submit your account details separately because the CRA automatically gets your information when you file your annual tax returns.

Frequently Asked Questions- For CWB Payment Dates 2024

What’s the payment schedule for Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) for 2024?

The beneficiaries can expect their payment in three quarters of the year. The first instalment will be given on 12th July 2024, the second instalment on 12th October 2024, and the last instalment on 12th January 2025.

Who is eligible for the CWB 2024?

Canadian Individuals and households with low income and any kind of disability can opt for Canada Workers Benefits 2024.

What is the minimum age to qualify for the Canada Workers Benefit 2024?

The recipient must be at least 19 of age to qualify for the CWB.

Which Department gives the Workers Benefit 2024 in Canada?

Canada Revenue Agency distributes the amount to the eligible candidates.  

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