Canada Tax Credits for Students in 2024 – Know Eligibility, Credit Amount & Dates

Canada is one of the topmost picks for studies not only for Canadian residents but for international students also. But it comes with a huge cost. So, to make it convenient for them the federal government provides Canada Tax Credits for Students in 2024. The government offers two major tax credits for students i.e. Tuition Tax Credit and Textbook Tax Credit. The students who meet the Canada Students Tax Credit Eligibility 2024 can avail the benefits. If you want to know more about the Tax credits for students, check it out in the article.  

Canada Tax Credits for Students

The Administration of Canada will provide Canada Tax Credits for Scholars who are studying in Canada. Eligible Students can save money through Tax credits which are related to education expenses. Taxpayers can claim deductions in their tax amount for these tax credits. The federal government with the help of CRA offers students some non-refundable Tax Credits for Students in 2024 which helps them with their education costs. Some of these tax credits are:

  • Tuition Tax Credit: Canadians who are studying in Canada Revenue Agency approved institutions can take advantage of this benefit. Such educational institutes consist of trade schools, colleges, and universities. Under this tax credit, the qualified tax amount is reduced on the paid tuition fees. 15% qualified tuition fees are used as a base in tax credit calculation. If any of the tuition tax credit isn’t used then it can be given to parents, spouses, or grandparents.
  • Textbook Amount: Those post-secondary students who have joined part-time or full-time institutes can reimburse the amount on purchased textbooks. It would help the scholars in handling their educational expenses as it lowers the tax rates. Students can get nearly about 15% of tax credit leverage on their textbooks amount. You need to keep those receipts safe to verify the claim.
  • Education Amount: Students who are enrolled full-time can claim $400 per month and part-time students can claim nearly about $120 per month.

All these Canada Tax Credits in 2024 eventually would help students in lowering their educational costs. It applies to students who are seeking post-secondary education either full-time or part-time.

Canada Tax Credits for Students Students Tax Credit- Overview

Name of the DepartmentCanada Revenue Agency
Post TitleCanada Tax Credits for Students in 2024
Country NameCanada
Beneficial forTuition fees and textbook cost
CategoryFinancial Aid
BeneficiariesStudents studying in Canada

Canada Students Tax Credit Eligibility 2024

The Federal Government ensures that post-secondary students who are studying in CRA approved institutes get appropriate tax reductions on their tuition fees. Pupils who are joined either part-time or full-time can avail of this tax credit. Student needs to meet the Canada Students Tax Credit Eligibility 2024 which are set by CRA. The points are mentioned below:

  • Apart from Canadian citizens, permanent inhabitants of Canada are also eligible for Canada Tax Credits for Students 2024. So, permanent residents can write off their tuition fees in their tax returns.
  • If any student has married a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, then they are also eligible for this scheme. In this case, the citizen doesn’t need to hold a permanent inhabitant status.
  • If you qualify for the above-mentioned criteria, then you can apply for a Canada Tax Credit 2024 Claim in your tax return. But make sure you have all the required documents such as the tuition fees receipt and other supportive documents.
  • With the help of those, the authority will re-verify your details. If you qualify then you have to pay less tax as appropriate tax reductions will be made in your tax returns according to the Students Tax Credit in Canada 2024. If you are an international student, then contact a tax consultant to know your Canada Students Tax Credit Eligibility 2024.

How to Claim Canada Tax Credit for Students 2024?

The Canadian students who are studying in CRA enrolled institutes can only take the benefit of expense reduction in their tax return. The Canadian government has helped post-secondary students by reducing their whole tax load. With the help of the Canada Tax Credit for Students 2024 there would be less education load on them. In order to claim the benefit, the student needs to fill out the TL11A form after compiling your T2202 tuition slips. The money would be transferred to TL11A from T2202 slips. After doing all this submit this form together with your tax return.

Tuition tax causes a lot of burden on students. With the help of these schemes, there would be less load on post-secondary education for students on their tuition tax & textbook amount. Both part-time and full-time students can take benefits out of the Canada Tax Credit for Student 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions On Canada Tax Credits for Students in 2024

From which Canadian tax credits do students get the benefit?

The student gets the benefits of their textbook amount and tuition fees with the help of these tax credits.

Who can apply for these tax credits?

Students who have enrolled in CRA approved post-secondary institutes can get the benefit out of it only if they meet the required criteria. Both full-time & part-time students can avail of these tax credits.

How can students apply for this tax credit?

The student needs to fill out the TL11A form and attach their T2202 tuition slips with it. And while filing their tax return they have to attach this TL11A form. This tax reduction helps the student in lowering their education tax burden.

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