BC Minimum Wage 2024 – What Is Min Hourly Wage in British Columbia

In this article, you can find out about the BC Minimum Wage 2024. There is a piece of good news for the citizens about the increment in minimum wage for the workers who live in Canada. As of 1st June 2024, the provincial government has increased the BC Minimum Wage Rate to $17.40 per hour for this year. Earlier the minimum wage in British Columbia was $16.75 per hour. There is an increase of about 3.9 percent from $16.75 to $17.50. This minimum wage applies to all employees regardless of how they are being paid- hourly, commission, salary, or on an incentive basis as this new rate applies entirely. Those employees whose Minimum Wage in BC Canada is below the stated rate must top up their payment so they will also receive their wages fairly. Generally, the provincial government keeps on increasing the wage rates now and then.

British Columbia Minimum Wage

British Columbia Minimum Wage 2024

Earlier, in 2023 BC had the highest minimum wage rate of $16.75 per hour but now it has been increased to $17.40 per hour for the citizens. These minimum wage rates are adjusted based on inflation rates. Employers must ensure that all the employees who are working on an hourly basis, salary, commission, etc. all get the Standard Minimum Wage Rate in BC. The British Columbian area has affected the new rates from 1 June 2024. These adjusted minimum wage rates are published on the publicly available website. The main aim behind this minimum wage rate is to support the workers who are facing increasing living costs. More people will come out of poverty with the help of this and eventually, it will build an impartial and strong economy. These British Columbia Wage Rates are for Resident caretakers, liquor servers, live-in camp leaders, and live-in home support workers they all have received an increase of 3.9 percent from 1st June 2024.

Minimum Wage in British Columbia 2024 Details

Post TitleBritish Columbia Minimum Wage 2024
Name of ProvinceBritish Columbia
Payment Date1 June, 2024
Wage RateCAD 17.40
Increase Rate in %3.9%
BeneficiaryLiquor servers, live-in camp leaders, live-in home support workers, and resident caretakers
CategoryFinancial Aid
Official Websitewww2.gov.bc.ca

British Columbia Minimum Wage Increases 2024

The New Minimum Wage Rate of $17.40 for BC was affected from 1 June 2024. It would impact a lot of workers in these difficult times. Last year the wage rate was $16.75 per hour which was the highest for a long time. But now $17.40 is the highest hourly rate in Canada. There is a difference of about 3.9% between $16.75 and $17.40. This new rate smears to all the workers who are being paid on an hourly or incentive basis or getting a salary or commission, it includes all. It’s the employer’s responsibility to treat everyone the same and pay them based on the new minimum wage standard in BC. This British Columbia Minimum Wage 2024 would help nearly about 240,000 workers. The territorial and provincial government determines the minimum wage rates and now and then they keep on changing the wage rates.

Minimum Wage History in BC

DateMinimum Wage
1 June 2023CAD 16.75 per hour
1 June 2022CAD 15.65 per hour
1 June 2021CAD 15.20 per hour
20 June 2020CAD 14.60 per hour
1 June 2019CAD 13.85 per hour
1 June 2018CAD 12.65 per hour
15 September 2017CAD 11.35 per hour
15 September 2016CAD 10.85 per hour
15 September 2015CAD 10.45 per hour
1 May 2012CAD 10.25 per hour
1 November 2011CAD 9.50 per hour
1 May 2011CAD 8.75 per hour

The New rates for this year were effected from 1 June 2024. It is the highest Minimum Wage Rate in BC among all these years which is CAD 17.40 per hour. Previously it was CAD 16.75 per hour in 2023. There is an almost increase of 3.9 percent. From the above table, you can get an idea of how every year the rates have only increased in British Columbia’s Minimum Wage. There were 2 increases in 2011 and no increases were there in 2013 and 2014 and after that in 2024 only there was a good increase in wages for the workers.

Minimum Wage Rate across Canada

Below are the latest Minimum Wage Rates Across Canada for their workers and their effective date. Every province has different wage rates depending upon the inflation rates.

ProvinceMinimum Wage RateEffective Date
AlbertaCAD 15.00 per hour26 June 2019
British ColumbiaCAD 17.40 per hour1 June 2024
ManitobaCAD 15.30 per hour1 October 2023
New BrunswickCAD 15.30 per hour1 April 2024
Newfoundland and LabradorCAD 15.60 per hour1 April 2024
Northwest TerritoriesCAD 16.05 per hour1 September 2023
Nova ScotiaCAD 15.20 per hour1 April 2024
NunavutCAD 19.00 per hour1 January 2024
OntarioCAD 16.55 per hour1 October 2023
Prince Edward IslandCAD 15.40 per hour1 April 2024
QuebecCAD 15.75 per hour1 May 2023
SaskatchewanCAD 15.00 per hour1 October 2024
YukonCAD 17.59 per hour1 April 2024

Frequently Asked Questions On BC Minimum Wage 2024

What’s the British Columbia minimum wage rate for 2024?

$17.40 per hour is the minimum wage rate for 2024 in British Columbia. Earlier it was $16.75 per hour.

How much increase in the BC minimum wage rate?

There is an increase of about 3.9% in the BC minimum wage rate.

What is the effective date for the BC new minimum wage rate?

It was effective from 1 June 2024.

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