About Us

Pinaacle Technologies Pvt. Ltd, an ISO 9001:2015 7 ISO 27001 certified organization, is an authorized technology partner for aggregation services for the BSNL FTTH wallet services.

Pinaacle is a pioneer in technology and consulting for telecom bill payment solutions. Pinaacle brings a trust in working with customers worldwide and have an established team of experts from various industries across the globe. Pinaacle provides various telecom billing & payment technology platforms which is highly customized and optimized for modern complicated business scenarios.

Pinaacle have established Research & Development center headquartered in Bangalore, India and is leading several research initiatives in the Industry.

Pinaacle's support help desk provides the best-in-class support to the end customers with enterprise helpdesk technology platform.

Pinaacle's bill payment solution is supported and integrated with various payment gateways and banks. Currently payment solution supports over 100 banks in India and accepts all well known valets for customers.

To know more about Pinaacle, kindly visit the official website www.pinaacle.com or write for any queries to info@pinaacle.com.

If you are a BSNL authorized franchisee, you can write to support@bsnlepay.com for any enquiry related to franchisee services.

Now you can make the BSNL FTTH bills online at www.bsnlepay.com or using the BSNL EPay Mobile application.

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